personality and authenticity

Born in Berne in 1977, Oliver Oettli is working as creative director and photographer for national and international companies since 2005 to capture the spirit of brands, people and places.

After standing on the client side as project manager of an idea factory and concept developer of a web-agency, he now uses this background experience to get a closer and more direct approach to his projects.

Living near Berne for many years he can quickly reach every project location in Switzerland. He loves traveling, speaks four languages (English, German, French & Mongolian) and likes to work abroad frequently.

Oliver is a purist. His pictures are honest, direct
and natural. This and his fascination for people and background stories are the reasons why international corporate clients like Ernst & Young, Swatch Group, Axpo or Swarovski work with him.




Oliver Oettli

Owner, Photographer, Creative Director

Conrad von Schubert (freelancer)

Post Production, Photogapher, Prod. Assistent

Roman Burri

Prod. Assistent, Studio Manager

Patrick Besch (freelance)

Video, Making Of



2017: Hasselblad Selected Profiles – Photo17 Zürich

2016: Werkschau Bern – Kornhausforum

2007 bis 2015: Photo07 – Photo15 in Zürich

2013: Luzern & Basel – Projekt Last Nomads

2012: Hongkong – Gruppenausstellung mit Projekt Puderzucker

2010: Wanderausstellung in Biel, Lyss, Bern

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